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Full Mouth Rehabilitation by Your Lewiston, ID Dentist

Regardless the state of your current oral condition, know it’s never too late to enjoy the benefits of a healthy and beautiful smile! If your teeth, bite, and smile have lost their natural abilities, Dr. Meyers and Dr. Folsom can create a customized treatment plan to restore their health, function, and aesthetics. This process is called full mouth rehabilitation and is a treatment we offer patients with missing teeth in Clarkston, WA, and Lewiston, Idaho.

Full mouth rehabilitation does whatever is needed to bring all aspects of your smile into harmony. It’s a complex series of restorative treatments tailored to your individual needs. If you’ve suffered from severe decay, trauma, old or broken dentistry, or missing teeth in Clarkston, WA, or Lewiston, Idaho, our dentists will assess your needs and determine the treatment options that will give you the very best end result.

Full mouth rehabilitation isn’t an instant fix, but a rather a process with several steps. First, Dr. Meyers or Dr. Folsom will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your mouth. Then, they’ll discuss your treatment options in detail and use temporary dentistry to show you the possibilities for your smile. Our dentists are very passionate about our full mouth rehabilitation cases; we’ll take as much time as needed to help you feel comfortable with the decisions being made for your treatment.

Not only is full mouth rehabilitation rewarding in terms of your health and function, it can be emotionally rewarding as well:

“Every patient I’ve done full mouth on has just been ecstatic, elated. It’s life-changing for a lot of people. It takes them from not wanting to smile–literally hiding their smile with their hands–to just beaming. It’s very rewarding.”—Dr. Meyers

When considering full mouth rehabilitation, you want an expert you can trust. Both Dr. Meyers and Dr. Folsom have years of advanced training and experience in this area of dentistry and are proficient with the most modern techniques and equipment; you can trust that the very best results will be delivered.

If you are missing teeth in Clarkston, WA or Lewiston, Idaho, you’re ready to begin your journey to a strong, healthy, and beautiful smile. Please contact our office today!


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