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Bonding by Your Clarkston, WA Dentist

Are you embarrassed to smile because of crooked, discolored, or fractured teeth? Do you worry costly porcelain veneers are your only hope? Thankfully, Dr. Meyers and Dr. Folsom have a conservative, more affordable solution for fixing tooth flaws. As a leader in restorative and cosmetic dentistry in Clarkston, WA, our dental bonding treatment can help enhance your smile, quickly and effectively; don’t continue hiding behind an imperfect smile any longer!

Bonding refers to the use of tooth-colored resin material to repair and restore your teeth. Bonding material comes in a variety of different shades and is molded and sculpted to create just the right contours. Bonding allows you to maintain the natural structure of your tooth while creating a natural looking smile.

Bonding is a quick, conservative treatment that can dramatically enhance your smile in just one visit. Talk to Dr. Meyers or Dr. Folsom about what bonding can do for your smile. Whether you’re seeking cosmetic dentistry in Clarkston, WA or cosmetic dentistry in Lewiston, Idaho, our talented team of dentists will take the time to listen, understand, and help you decide if bonding is the perfect treatment for you.


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